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Danny MacDonald
(Academy Director)

Danny is the Co-owner and a Director of the Company. Having spent over 25 years working in a variety of successful roles within professional soccer, his responsibilities are to oversee the complete Academy Program and operations, always ensuring that the highest of standards are set and maintained. Read more…
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Janice MacDonald
(Finance & Admin.)

Janice is also the Co-owner and a Director of the Company. In light of her extensive and successful career working within the Banking sector for over 27 years, she is responsible for Financial Management, H.R. and Administration. She has also an active role within Primary Education, working with young people, and previous voluntary roles in local sporting clubs and activities.
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Grahame Cooper

Grahame is our Child Wellbeing and Protection Officer.
Working as a Senior Manager within a National Major Third Sector organisation, and also influential in a consultancy role with the Scottish Football Association for Child Protection and Wellbeing issues, he is fully up to date and informed with all important protocols in this field. His wealth of experience and qualifications in this vitally important area of society, (including the "Institute of Safety Health Certificate"), makes Grahame a very important member of the Team, and as such he is also assigned as the designated "Covid Officer" for the Academy due to the current climate.
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Audrey Kellacher
(Education Advisor)

Audrey is a highly qualified and very experienced professional within the teaching fraternity. As Head Teacher at a substantial local Primary School, throughout her career she has gained considerable recognition and praise for her outstanding developmental work. Her total commitment and enthusiasm given to her profession has been of great inspiration to many who have had the pleasure of working with her and therefore we too, are absolutely delighted to have her involved at NESS Academy.
NESS Academy Coaches
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